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"I strive to compose songs that make people think and help inspire us to be better. I call them, love-notes!"

Melissa D'Souza

Melissa began her love of music at a young age. Coming from an East Indian family, she grew up hearing a fusion of cultural sounds. There was Indian, Portuguese and of course contemporary music genres she loved.

Melissa began playing piano at the age of four and quickly combined her vocals with songwriting, Melissa found she enjoyed expressing inspirational messages with music. Growing up she would write songs for family members and friends to mark special occasions. In 2008, Melissa wrote a song called, "I BELIEVE" in remembrance of a young family friend who had passed away from a rare illness. The GIFT Program at the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto liked it so much they chose it as their official song

In 2010, Melissa was again inspired to write a song. Seeing a need for Calgarians to feel motivated to get involved in their city, Melissa composed a song called, "RISE UP CALGARY". The song is to remind us that don't need to follow the regime, we can stand up for what we believe in and take action. It's the smallest actions that can make the biggest difference. She hopes RISE UP CALGARY helps Calgarians to take notice this election and vote for change!

Kiko | BIO


There was a time when the lyrical blueprint of hip-hop was a struggle for growth represented by minds unfamiliar with the world of silver spoons and privilege. Kiko corroborates this concept with her autobiographical song-writing style. “I try to refrain from superficial gloss and keep myself involved with music that gives truth a fighting chance. My approval of myself is more important to me than anyone else‘s…so is what I owe to my own intellect.” As the daughter of a bluegrass musician, musical influences began at an early age. The summer excursions to folk festivals where the Harley Davidson t-shirts and daisy dukes played musical campfires with banjos, mandolins and forbidden smoke, were far removed from the settings of the city life. With a dream like so many, she left home to become “a star” at 13. Instead…she found herself in the streets and in the revolving doors of the juvenile system. In 2001, at 19 years old, Kiko began a working partnership with Calgary based JaxWax Entertainment ( C.E.O, Jacquelyn Marx, and recorded her first 3-track demo with Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony producer, Tony C, ironically titled “Crossroads.” The release of Crossroads caught the attention of Detroit native & internationally acclaimed bass player T$G (Snoop Dogg, Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes, The Dramatics, Dr.Dre, Philippe Win and the Spinners, etc.) ( It was this alignment in fate that brought Kiko to the stomping grounds of Motown. The lyrical compilations of Marshall Mathers were always of great influence to this young lady of linguistics and she and believed that there was a place for her among the standards of Detroit lyricism. A natural love for the Motor City brought her back again and again until her relocation to Detroit in 2004. In 2005, while writing and residing in the barracks of an 8 mile motel, Kiko stumbled across the opportunity to work with Deshaun “Proof” Holton ( of Iron Fist Records (as depicted by Mekhi Phifer in the movie 8 mile). Proof offered her a place to rest her head and began writing exercises to sharpen her compositions. In, April of 2006, the world was devastated by Proof’s sudden death and Kiko was no exception. No longer was there a place, no longer was there a demo, no longer was there Proof. Taking a hiatus for recuperation, Kiko returned to Calgary, Alberta to revise mind and heart. In early 2007, Kiko completed her first self-produced 4-track promo entitled “Almost There,” ( releasing 2000 units in 2008 as a prequel to her first full length “Untitled” album. Before stepping off tour with Pontiac based lyricist One Be Lo (, in 2010 as part of 6 piece female band, YIN, the arranged performers played for cross country colleges as well as audiences from the Knitting Factory (Brooklyn, NY) to The Independent (Austin, TX.) Kiko has shared the stage with the likes of Mary J.Blige, Teena Marie, 2 Live Crew, Ice Cube, Donnell Jones, Black Milk, 2 Live Crew, Ja Rule, George Clinton, Parliament & The Funkadelics, Big Proof, One Be Lo and Snoop to name a few. She currently resides in Canada and is working on her first album. Upcoming and current releases include the unreleased autobiographical chapters of Malcolm X compilation tribute featuring artists Professor Griff (Public Enemy), Jasiri X, Jessica Care-Moore, Umar bin Hassan (Last Poets), Arabian Knightz, ( The USSF Social Forum Compilation ( and Labor Soundtrack by One Be Lo.

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Rise Up Calgary | Listen

Download: Rise Up Calgary

Rise Up Calgary | Featuring Kiko

Download: Rise Up Calgary Featuring Kiko

Rise Up Calgary Lyrics

Rise up now, now, now…
Oohh yeah
Calgary ...

Verse 1

Can you feel it in the air,
Long ago it wasn't there.
Everything I thought I knew
Now it's gotten me confused,
Seems like I've been left nowhere,

Verse 2

I've been told all my life,
Not to question, not to fight
That the way it is, it is
I won't choose to accept this
See I've got to find my way


Rise up, don't be afraid
Sing out, you know the way
You can be the change,
To see in this world
So rise up, rise up

Verse 3

I was blind but now I see
See the truth it lies in me
Found a strength I've never known
It's become the voice I own
So I've made the choice today (to …)


Don't let your fear hold you back
Not today, not today
Just remember the power you have
It's within you, it begins with you …

Rise Up.